Mustoy collaboration & exhibition

2010.12 세계인형 전시회 참가 (Korea/코엑스)

2011.07 핸드메이드코리아 참가 (Korea/코엑스)
2012.02 샌프란시스코 기프트페어 참가(US/샌프란시스코)
2012.08 ASDLV 전시회 참가(US/라스베가스)
2014.05 아트토이컬쳐(ATC) (Korea/DDP)
2014.08 키덜트페어 (Korea/코엑스)
2015.04 ATC (Korea/DDP)
2015.07 서울키덜트페어(Korea/코엑스)
2015.08 부산키덜트페어&하비엑스포(Korea/부산벡스코)
2016.05 ATC(Korea/코엑스)



게시글 업로드중입니다 이용 불편드려 죄송합니다 ^-^


“Mustoy” are white dolls from outer space with waxed hair (Mus-is wax in Korean).
There is Muskky short for “Mus+Lucky” and Musppy short for “Mus+Happy”. mustoy are art toys made out of ceramic like materials.
They are customisable toys that anybody can easily draw and erase sketches and drawings to create their own story.

CF Director Kim Hak Hyun’s idea combined with Pororo’s Designer Choi Sang Hyun resulted in the creation of mustoy in 2009.
In 2010, at Hong-dae University Artist Street, Mustoy Drawing cafe opened.
mustoy opened up a new chapter in the world of art toys by creating toys that anyone can easily erase and draw repeatedly.

mustoy are an approachable toy to anyone who has an interest in drawing and is loved by fans around the world.

When completing our story with Mustoy, the process becomes a form of ART!

[Recently mustoy has participated in many international toy exhibitions and has collaborated with Toyota to crate a “Camry” mustoy]